Secular Nations Organization (SNO) is not based on any form of ideology, theory or new age movement. We are promoting sharing of knowledge and cultures in the interest of all. There is a battle between atheist and the multiplying of new religious beliefs, atheist calling themselves falsely “secular” when their actual goal is to fight any form of religion. SNO will not participate in that debate as for the SNO, all must be handled by an international body such as the UNITED NATIONS.
SNO is committed to help governments to separate religious matters from their politics without taking sides on atheist or religious groups, keeping harmony in their respected countries.

What are the Benefits?

Each government has an agenda, goals that are specific to their situation. The heads in power have the task to lead their country, but must also insure their own position. They are surrounded by different groups (which are the “lobbyist”) who are working to get their interest heard by the government. Many of these groups are religious based or Atheist working to get their ideology through and to create news laws in their favor. These lobbyists are basically the tilting point of most of the problems we face in this world.
One very good example of that is the relation between USA politics to Israel. Without the powerful lobby to the USA government, Israel would have to conform to United Nations resolutions, and would probably lead to peace in the region, which in turn would also calm most Arab nations.
The benefits from full scale secularism around the world would be life changing with tremendous cost reductions in wasted funding, less cost in terrorism combat and over all less wars.

This is the only way we can attain peace and security on a global scale. HELP US reach these goals by taking an active step. Become a full member, join our efforts,like us on facebook to get updates.