Who should decide for your life?

This question should have a simple answer, YOU! The problem is the interference of religious leaders into politics and into communities are more common today than in the dark ages and they have a strong impact on your choices.

The religious leader wish to control all activities of society by imposing their own moral views which are not really based on any theoretical references. Is it really necessary that Religious institution decide for the community especially that today communities are mixed?

Let’s take a simple recent example:
- Singapore’s Roman Catholic archbishop William Goh has expressed concern at an upcoming concert by a pop diva in the city-state and warned his flock against supporting those who “denigrate and insult religions” and adds: “we cannot afford to be overly permissive in favour of artistic expression at the expense of respect for one’s religion”. This comment is fine if left in his own church, but it was made in media as to push action from the government.

In other words, if God can’t stop her, we must as a nation reject her. What is wrong with this statement? This attacks the freedom of everyone. If we disapprove an entertainment, a show, a concert, all we need to do is not go watch it. Why should we impose our conscience to other people who do not share the same faith?

This belief is very strong in the Muslim community, as their God’s seem silent, they think men should be defending God. This explains why many are ready to kill, go to war, in God’s name. They wish to push everyone around them to follow their belief. But shouldn’t we let others decide for themselves what they wish to follow? This is what being secular is all about, accepting that others think differently than yourself.

Another example is given by The Catholic pope while traveling in Mexico. Pope Francis was able to ascertain that Mr. Trump, a presidential candidate for 2016 US election, couldn’t be Christian. Although this may be true, it is to question if Pope Francis is Christian himself as the simple fact of being a pope opposes the Christian teaching. We could use a very good biblical reference for this in Matthew 7:3 Why, then, do you look at the straw in your brother’s eye but do not notice the rafter in your own eye?

With these kinds of actions, should they take any part in any decisions in a multi-cultural and multi-religious society? Wouldn’t they be best to speak only in their respective church or mosque and not take any public stance? These religious leaders seem to look for a rock star popularity and mass manipulation to make a political appearance and aim to lock down any progressive ideology.

Many religious leaders around the world criticize secular viewers as anti-religious and trying to confuse the people. A closer look actually shows where the confusion comes from. As a secular movement, the aim is to let everyone decide for themselves how they wish to live their life, free from politicized forms of religions.

Become a secular person, help spread peace and take action now.