From Europe and around the world we have seen more and more anti-democratic behavior, mostly accepted by the best democrats. The coordinated attack on democracy has started long before our generation, in fact right since the start of democracy, it has been attacked by people who have no interest to let power slip away. The rules of democracy have been laid out differently in each nation, and no country has really given full power to the people. Some countries who got the closest to a democratic environment are the Nordic European countries and maybe Switzerland which has it's system of multiple voting (almost every weekend) for all important issues.

Why is democracy under attack today?

There are multiple factors to attack democracy.

  • Some leaders wish to stay in power longer, and the more power they get, the more they want. It's actually a natural feeling, like giving candy to a child, the more you give, the more he get's addicted to it.
  • To cover forms of corruption leaders try to control judicial aspects. By doing so, they must tone down any democratic request. To achieve this, they will cover their action by dividing its population such as creating fear among ethnics or groups among the political spectrum.
  • In some cases, some leaders feel that without them, their country will be mismanaged and will lose its balance economically and politically. There is a form of narcissus view for their own glory.
  • Recently, we have just discovered the attack on democracy to cover incompetency. A strong attack on media and inversing situation, accusing others of what the government is actually doing. Accusing media of lies while the leader is in complete denial that all the initial problems come from his own government.

Whatever form of autocracy, it creates havoc in countries pretending to be a democracy.
There is one thing in common in each of those scenarios: the position of religion.

To understand our analysis, you must understand how religion views power. God is the almighty, the only authority. To this point, that wouldn’t be a problem, but today we have thousands of religious movements around the world with different “gods” with different dogma. All these religions wish a Theocracy, and almost all would accept a man to represent God on earth.
What is odd, is all these religions accept strong leaders with tough rhetoric’s that seem to correspond to their belief. Basically, religious leaders are giving the power to the presidents, ministers and dictators. Its particularly shocking when those same political leaders are in complete opposition with God and those religions still support him.

Of course, our best example today is the American president Trump. The amount of direct lies, his actions against the poor, his racist and misogynist attitude, and finally his financial interests are in direct opposition with Christianity rules. Yet his biggest support come from the most religious parties in the USA. By a massive proportion he has been elected by the evangelist Christians. This speaks loads on their core belief, and actions are more than words.
Another clear example comes from Turkey, where president Erdogan has become a ruthless dictator thanks to his stronger Muslim rhetoric’s. Using a religious approach, he now holds dangerous power because of the silence or the open affiliation of the Muslim leaders. This also speaks of what Turkish strongest Muslim’s want, the death of democracy; a call that most Muslim countries support.
The move by dictators to use religion is not new. But it has become a global solution for all sorts of leaders to avoid facing any criticism and being able to manipulate the population. President Putin is also a great example. He has managed to erase all his previous evil actions when he teamed up with the orthodox church in Russia. The church, in return for its support, has become the only authorized religion in the country and putting pressure on any other religious movements. For Putin, the church support has almost pushed him to the level of a “god” for the Russians. They will all support him, and any facts you will share to them that would show Putin’s ruthless ways will be denied by repeating the same propaganda that the Russians media is broadcasting: it’s the westerners attacking Russia. No facts nor any proof will sustain against the patriotic feeling.

Some questions come up at this point? Isn’t God supposed to be International? Why are religions so patriotic? And also, most important question:  why don’t religious people defend facts and truth? Because they have been lied to for the last 2000 years. They rely on faith. If they have faith in Putin, Trump, Erdogan, Duterte or any other crazy leader, they will follow any absurdity no matter how much proof you will show them. They go as far as to accept “alternative facts”. This is a very creative way to replace the word “Lie” and helping all their believers swallow just about anything.

Let’s stop talking about the problems and start taking care of the bases of all problems, religion. Find a global solution for this is possible, support and we will have the power to address this within the UNITED NATIONS, the only organ that can make a difference today.