Secular Understanding

Before explaining what is a secular view, we need to understand that atheist, ‘no belief’ and free thinker are also a form of belief. Therefore, the phrase ‘I don’t believe in anything’ is in itself a belief.

A secular person researches to disregard any religious sign in others, and keeps his views and belief discreet. It is not an easy thing to analyze ourselves and to avoid thinking superior to other belief. Almost all religions or belief feel they have the unique truth and that all other view is wrong, ignorant or even stupid. Often those religions or groups of thinking base themselves on a few truths and do not accept any critics. To be secular is to accept facts over dogma, and not criticize other thinking without those facts. Most of all, to be secular, we must never impose our views to anyone, not to our neighbors, not to our colleagues, not even to our own family. Belief must stay an individual act that only concerns ourselves, even if people in our own group contest that fact. This idea is in direct opposition to most religion’s dogma. Some prone that other religions are inferior and who ever dares to change belief or convert will go to hell or another form of punishment. This way of thinking is in complete opposition with the secular view, and can only lead to discriminations and hatred. Oddly enough, some free thinkers also will consider others as stupid because they don’t accept their concept of life. They base their analysis on some undeniable facts, but ignoring their wrongs. On the other side, accepting everything that is not factual doesn't help much.

In action, we can understand secularism in this example: When you look around you, do you see interesting people? If not, you are like maybe 99% of us where we feel more fear than care. There is a sociological reason behind this feeling which is a complicated set of situations one of which is We live in a world with a high level of every day aggression and other petty crimes, we fear each other more than look at each other with an innocent feeling. We cannot deny that crime has risen over the past century but a small percent of the population makes us fear all of us. Yet a vast majority among us are not criminals, in fact many among us have a big humanitarian side, the wish to help others. This particularly stands out in catastrophic situations when a community will stand up in unity to help victims.

Proposing secularism in therapy to this world has a purpose, to help us express our human caring to others without prejudice. We need to blind ourselves of culture, social context and religion biased views so that we can see the beauty in people again. After traveling in many countries, you may have personally experienced many cultures and belief and have noticed same aspiration coming from all sorts of people. We all wish to live in peace, with trustworthy people around us.

Viewing people in a secular way makes us respect them better, see past their differences, and only see their similarities with ourselves.

Share with us your secular views and let us know what You think of how secular should work.