We have already determined the cost of war in our previous articles. We have also noted inconsistencies in most dogmas touching to practically all religions.
Many conflicts are very difficult to manage because of involvements of religion with different interpretations of same text. The Libyan civil war is the perfect example due to the tribal situations. Libya is home to many tribal groups which all have a different interpretation of the Qur’an. Libyans do not identify themselves as Libyans, but of a specific tribe within the 3 major regions. Under the iron rule of Kaddafi, no group dared to challenge the authoritarian government. Once the Arab spring took over, who could unify such a religiously divided country?
In Iraq, the problem although different, shares similarities in the tribal and religious differences. From the mixed Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis, there can be no easy unity. And the list of religiously troubled countries goes on and on: Bahrein, Egypt, Tunisia, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Niger, Cameroun, chad, Republic of central Africa… But this is not an African and Middle East only problem. Most European countries and the USA are now in war with sectarian violence coming from immigration with religious backgrounds. Asia and South America are not immune to the risks.
Taking religion out of the equation will help secure peace, and create a new economic boost worldwide:
Imagine the impossible: - Worldwide with no dogma to fight for. - Everyone seen as citizens of the respected country. – Possible unity of different tribes, groups, race.
This situation is actually not impossible. We have studied what keeps people linked to their belief and why they would defend obvious lies. There is an approach that can help people identify teachings which would go against common sense or even against scientific facts. A soft comprehensive education can ease tensions and make what seems impossible today possible. The effect would be particularly effective among terrorist organizations as who would give up their life if they understand they would not obtain any benefits from it?
How can we then reduce and eradicate religious political power once and for all? By a global approach. We need to bring together the international leaders to fight terrorism at its core, to delete all the violent dogmas found inside extremism.  If with a proper mandate, United Nations can undertake such actions where each nation has a lot to gain from this.
This is the goal of secularnations, and we ask you again to support us !


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