Opening Pandora’s Box

With the start of wars in the Middle East, the western countries have opened Pandora ’s Box. Since then, terrorism has reached a new high. Would you believe that just 40 years ago, terrorist acts were less than 10 per year with casualties in average fewer than 70 victims? The year 2015 set a new breaking record with 388 terrorist attacks killing over 7,529 men women and children and we often forget the even higher number of wounded and affected by these attacks.

in reality, it is very difficult to make a fair statistic as so many circumstances and factors make it hard to calculate, such as: should we count the civil war in Syria or the Iraq and Afghanistan situations? Are government attacks considered as act of war or can some be classified as terrorism? Even If we try to use the same rules for both the 70’s and for 2015, it is still very difficult to give exact numbers to compare. There is no doubt though that the situation has worsened considerably. No one can be certain where an act of terror will hit next.

We face a huge battle as movements of population are pushing people from these affected violent countries into the rest of the world which some will be sharing ideology and aggressive behavior. Is there a country where terrorism is not a threat today?

There have been many comments in media on why those attacks happen and why are the Muslims more concerned. We have looked into many theories and each of the results only scratches the surface of the problem. To have a fair analysis of the reasons for terrorism we must take in account multiple factors involved:
- Political oppression
- Religious oppression
- Belief: in revenge, in acting in the place of god, in thinking all other religion is inferior to theirs, fighting evil…
- Media attention and coverage
- The easy access to weapons

We could certainly add many reasons to the list, as motivations behind terrorist acts vary greatly. Yet once again, a secular world would be the only viable solution. Why?

Secularism is to respect each other and not impose our views to others whatever we think our god ask us. It keeps in the right place religion and any belief so as to focus on the human aspect of our lives and our interaction with one another.

A terrorist sees only an infidel in front of him, a lesser person or an enemy, and he believes that it is his duty granted by his god or other form of leadership and has rights over their life. He also believes that god or his leader will be happy with his violent actions which is why he will sacrifice his life to do so.

We stand to correct those views through a real efficient process which can be imposed to all religious leaders worldwide through United Nations.

It is time to take action and to fight violence with wisdom instead of bombs. Join our fight, like our facebook page and donate to show your support.

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