Does religion still represent morality in the world?

For many centuries it was said that without pious religious laws, morality would have failed.  This may have been true to a certain extent. Power and corruption have always been the Achilles heel of faith, and corruption was the norm very early in each main religion’s around the globe.
What is happening in the last few years though has now seriously doomed religion. The most obvious problem is of course terrorist attacks which are practically all linked to Islam. The main Muslim leaders around the world have been deploying huge efforts in PR to communicate their idea that it isn’t Islam, but just the job of a few crazy Muslims. “The people” will get offended if you mistakenly talk about Muslims instead of extremist islamist to represent this violent group that keeps growing in numbers.
I do agree that we cannot define an entire religion just by the actions of a few disturbed individuals, but it should be noted that the Qur’an does encourage violence, and that denying it won’t change those verses.  Also, there is a clear hatred of western society that is preached every Friday in most mosques around the world. Shouldn’t we start holding those who give those speeches accountable for the outcome of their worshipers actions?
There is also a new trend, coming out from Turkey where the more fundamentalist are attacking the secular society in a political atmosphere that brought up a new cruel dictator.

Why hasn’t the USA spoken up?

It’s very simple, the USA has elected it’s own dictator, which has solid financial ties with the Turkish dictator.
Have any “Christian” group denounce this? No, as they are the base of president Trump. Now this is where the scandal really starts, as the Christians claim so loud that they represent Jesus Christ, yet they elect a president who is definitely the opposite in everything. Would you see jesus lying, abusing his power, abusing women, racist?  Yet, as of when I am writing these words, a majority of strong Christians (evangelist mostly) still think Trump is an excellent president. How far can hypocrisy go?

My questions are: how can they possibly think that God could approve their actions? Do they simply believe that because they go to church on Sunday and repeat “Jesus is great” all day long that their actions and racism will be forgiven? What kind of morality are they spreading around? They are offended by vulgar words on TV but they are not offended when their elected president takes away needed subsidies for the poor and at the same time greatly reduces taxes for the wealthy? Honestly, is that what Jesus is teaching you? Have you lost all morals?

I have a last and very important question to ask… Why are the most humane and caring people without religion or even atheis? Shouldn't they be without any moral values?