Secular Nations Organization is an NGO to:

Promote Secularism to every member of United Nations and to help educate people around the world explaining why being secular is important for peace and security. By applying secular standards towards one another, we can avoid conflictual situation and give genuine respect to every culture.

By deliberately ignoring ones religion in any dealing with state and politics, we can insure a stable world.

Secular Nations Organization is neutral in politics and religious views.

We do not recommend or condemn any belief or non-belief and we strive to only report facts. We do not accept any hatred message against any individual or group. The sole purpose of Secular Nations is to help bring peaceful grounds where it is the most needed by reporting information that has been ignored and yet is the bases in talks of peace. The world globalization forces to rethink every countries institution as we no longer live in nations with unique beliefs. Every country now is composed of multiple minorities with multiple cultures and belief. The only way to go forward is to have legislations and institutions which can integrate all of the citizens of the specific country. By helping Secular Nations, you will be part of this international movement which in term will impact the solutions in most conflicts.


Why war on terror will fail:

The reason ISIL exist is because of the war in Middle-East. The more we attack with bombs and with guns, the more you create a resistance and give reasons for their ideology. The same applies for many other conflicts where religious beliefs are strengthen by attacks of opponent groups.


How will the Secular Nations Organization attain peace?

The program will create a thinking group within the United Nations to push all world leaders to make a stand for secular politics. To do so, we will need your support to creat a world dynamic in secular standards which will avoid extremist groups to happen. Together, we can take their idea out of their ideology.

Why do we have a strong chance to succeed our goals?

All is in the financial cost of today’s actions.  We can take into count the cost of terrorism which in 2014 about $US 53 Billion which does not include cost of security measures from airports and other high risk areas. We can also review the $US 1.7 trillion of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and there also would need to include the post war cost of up to $US 4 trillion to be paid only for the American losses.
As all this money come out of your taxes, Secular Nations Organization is certain to reduce cost on terrorism and wars just by your support.