UPDATE March 23, 2016

Here we are again mourning after another barbaric attack has been committed by irrational thinking young people.  Terrorist attacks have been on the rise in the last 6 years (and past 30 years) and nothing has been done to prevent this.  Our politicians seem incapable of making a decision which would put an end to these attacks.
Let’s repeat once again:  Terrorism cannot be won by bombing and killing any group of people.  We have already tried that approach in Iraq and Afghanistan and the outcome has created the situation we find today.  It’s a mathematical problem.  Not all Muslims are violent, but we must consider the numbers.  There are way over a billion Muslims on earth with the vast majority of them peaceful people.  Our worry is that at least one percent of them are using the violent verses of the Quran to justify their actions and some eight to ten percent have some form of western resentment.
One percent will represent over 10 million potentially dangerous persons.  It takes less than 10 to 15 people to organize an attack.  If you calculate, we have (again potentially), over 750 000 possible terrorist attacks!
It is very easy to kill and harm people.  It is always much easier to destroy than to build.    It is impossible to protect everyone.  Of course, the politicians will always take the easy steps and use violence and destruction.  But it’s only by building our civilization that we can live in peace.  War will feed the resentment of more people who will go into radicalization to express their anger.  How can we all be so blind to the fact that the progression of extremism is directly due to all the conflicts in Middle Eastern countries?
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November 02, 2015

Secular world: proper answer to fighting terrorism?
Each time the world faces a new terrorist threat or attack, the same question arises: could it have been prevented? 
Why only work on short term solutions?  Can there not be a more elaborate solution which would not involve more wars which feed new attacks?
Let's be realistic and admit the facts.  The only way to win a war on terror would be to target anyone fighting for a cause.  This would lead to a very bloody battle and the general opinion would never agree to this.  This means the wars being fought today are useless as they will only flame up into new attacks.  The situation needs to be tackled at the base;  the need to review the dogma given to these groups and to show a new approach within the political sphere in the troubled regions. 
It is time for governments to create a strategic group within the United Nations, with a real desire to debate essential topics even though we have never dared to discuss these specific topics.  In the secular context, we can open a debate so as to find solutions that would be vital to the whole world.

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