Is it that simple?

We will not pretend that. To actually change thousands of years of power manipulation is expected to be a very difficult task. It would be wrong though to think it would be impossible. We have reached a point in time where the question of power in religion needs to be assessed.  One small NGO will not make those changes alone and that is the reason why we are aiming our goals towards the only institution which can possibly make this change, The United Nations.

What can be done within United Nations?

The topic of religion status in countries institutions has already been discussed in the UN, but no significant action has emerged as the regulations in place at the United Nations make this topic impossible to be discussed without interference of states with strong ties to religion. The idea is to have Secular Nations organization carry the responsibility to organize meetings for UN members to attend, outside of UN regulations.  This will free the hands of ‘shy’ states who wish action be taken but who battle strong opposition within their own country to move forward.

The urgency to find a viable solution to end terrorism and religious tensions is crucial for a stable world. We need to make a strong action in the diplomatic spheres to have any chances to succeed. Bombing and raging war to terrorist groups just fans the flames for more terror. Today, no country can pretend to be free from attacks and there is a real need for solutions. Come join us in our work.